Submitted by Martin on Fri, 11/04/2016 - 18:34

    Me and my partner are avid water lovers and live in the UK. It gets cold here in autumn and winter, as well as spring actually and mostly in summer too. Who are we kidding, it's always cold here.

    After a long day out diving in the sea and pretending to be mermaids, we're always looking for cool and funky ways to stay warm. This has led us out online and to the shops on the street to look for themed ocean products that we can have in our own home.

    When we first saw mermaid blankets, we fell head over heels for them. They were perfect for us and we've recently tested quite a few of them and wrote about it all on this website. We loved them so much, we always have them out and they are just perfect for our cold home near the sea.

    We've had thin, thick, comfortable and soft ones, mermaid blankets in the most extraordinary colours and you can read all about it on our home page.