Buyers Guide to a Mermaid Themed Party Ideas

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    mermaid themed party

    Who's ready for a mermaid themed birthday party!? No matter what age you are, you just can't beat mermaids, we all want to be one. As you may be aware, we're obsessed with mermaids and other mystical nautical creatures like selkies.  And after being to a few parties recently, we thought it rwould be amazing to have a mermaid themed one, as soon as we got home, the first thing we did was start writing this post.

    Here we have compiled a list of awesome mermaid themed party essentials, from hats, through to decorations and even a mermaid pinata.

    Hopefully we have something to cover all ages and that you have an awesome mermaid party.

    Organising A Mermaid Party

    Organising a mermaid themed party is where you'll make or break the day for the special mermaids day. Hopefully these tips help you out and you make the day enjoyable for you too.

    • Where is the venue? If it's at yours, that makes it much easier and you don't need to book anything
    • How many other mermaids will you invite?
    • Do you have parking for them when they arrive?
    • When does your mermaid party start and end?
    • Is there anyone you have invited with food allergies or specific requirements?
    • Are you giving everyone plenty of notice?


    Once you have some of the party outlined and you have a rough idea of whats going to happen and you know when and where it will, it's time to send out some invitations.

    mermaid invites

    Check out Mermaid Invitations on Amazon

    There are plenty of options on Amazon for party invites, especially mermaid themed party invites. You can buy them in bulk too and get the amount required quite easily so once you receive them, you can fill them in and send them on their way to the recipients.

    Mermaid Party Essentials

    Mermaid Themed Music

    We won't bore you with too many music recommendations, as this is completely subjective and we're sure every mermaid has their fave genre of music, so we'll just recommend our most listened to selkie and mermaid themed music.

    It is Song of the Sea music from the same titled film, a fantastic film too which we can highly recommend to watch.

    It should make some great background music for your mermaid themed party and for all ages too. If you do ever fancy watching it, you can watch Song of the Sea on Amazon as they have it on DVD and to watch online via Amazon Video.

    Mermaid Hats

    You probably won't find many mermaids with hats on their head, other than maybe a king or queen of the underwater world. But you can find mermaid tail themed party hats, and what is a party without a hat!?

    mermaid party hat

    Check Price at Amazon for Mermaid Party Hats

    Just like at christmas and having dinner, get the hats flowing and the mood will soon pick up, they're definitely like a party enabler.

    Mermaid Cake Candles

    You're not going to get very far without candles on the cake and luckily there are a lot of choices out there, Amazon has a ton of choices for young and old, so make sure you don't forget these as they'll really finish off the day.

    Check mermaid cake candles on Amazon

    Mermaid Plates

    One of the most important parts of any party for us, is the food and unless you're making a buffet with just finger food, a party food plate will be needed. We have you covered here with a plethora of mermaid style party food plates.

    mermaid food plate

    There are loads of options, the above image is that of a scale design and would suit any party. But there are also little mermaid and mermaid animated cartoon party plates for your younger mermaid themed parties and we're sure the kids will love them.

    Check Amazon for mermaid party plates

    Party Cups

    If you're setting up a mermaid themed party for the older generation, party cups might not be needed as you'll be drinking alcohol and glass may be used. If you have a go at the mermaid lemonade we have written about below, glass would be a better choice as well as you can see through it to the awesome drinks that await the guests.

    mermaid party cup

    There are more party cup choices for mermaid lovers than anything else, so you're spoilt for choice.

    Check Amazon for Mermaid Party Cups

    Mermaid Party Decorations

    Making the room of the celebration look like a mermaid and underwater realm can really finish things off and make the party a huge success. There are loads of things you can do to make the place look awesome, from wall decorations, to table cloths and covers, inflatables and even other ideas. If you really were to go all out you could even have a small beach if the party was outside. If you're having a pool party, even better.

    Wall Decor

    If you have blank walls, adding some decor, mermaid decor would really finish things off. There are plenty of options on Amazon for great, simple stickable wall decor.

    mermaid party wall decor stickers

    There are loads of mermaid sticker options that will look great at a mermaid themed party.

    Check price of mermaid wall decor on Amazon

    Mermaid Table Cloth and Covers

    mermaid party table cloth

    This is a simple shell and scale design table cloth but would suit any mermaid themed party, young and old. It is waterproof and can easily be used again and again and would even suit other events in the future too.

    Mermaid Balloons

    There are loads of choice for mermaid balloons and there are even mermaid shaped foil balloons which you can buy and then get filled up at your local store.

    mermaid party balloon

    If you are more inclined to fill the room and event area with loads of normal shaped balloons, there is still a great choice for you online and we're sure you'll find a mermaid logo on a balloon set.

    Check price on Amazon for mermaid balloons

    More Mermaid Themed Decorations

    You are literally spoilt for choice regards mermaid themed party essentials. There are plenty more things to check out, here are a few more you can choose from to best theme your party.

    • Authentic fish nets, so you can have a real underwater feel at the party.
    • Fake starfish and other sealife you can place around the room, on tables between food might look great
    • Mermaid friend bracelets which could be given to each little mermaid that attends the party
    • Other ceiling decorations that create a real underwater world feel

    Check out other Mermaid Decorations on Amazon

    Photo Props

    If you're little ones or even yourself are in to selfies and you might even have a photo booth set up, why not bring some photo props to the party? At the last wedding we attended there was a photo booth with green screen and it had all of us with props on our faces, heads and all over us in the photo, it really made us laugh and added to the whole party feel.

    mermaid party photo booth props

    They have loads of photo prop kits, some for the youngsters and others for those who may be having a drink or two.

    Check out Mermaid Photo Props on Amazon

    Mermaid Party Kit

    You can keep things much simpler and get a mermaid party kit which should come with table covers, plates, balloons and wall decorations. These are cheaper and they also come with a lot more than buying things individually.

    Check Mermaid Party Kits on Amazon


    Mermaid Party Food

    We'll start off with dessert, thats what you want when you're partying, right!? Here are a few awesome mermaid inspired food ideas that you can make yourself before the event.

    mermaid ice cream

    Mermaid Ice Cream which looks outrageous! This is definitely on our to-do list for an upcoming party.


    mermaid lemonade

    Mermaid lemonade is really simple to make and looks fantastic, another great food item and drink that will really add to the party. For the older people, you can always make this with tonic if g&t is your thing.


    mermaid cupcake

    A mermaid tail cupcake

    Mermaid Party Games

    Whats a party, without a game or two? Here we have linked to some party game ideas, some we have never seen before, such as the pinata.

    Mermaid Pinata

    mermaid party pinata

    No matter what your age, hitting a pinata just feels great, here a mermaid pinata, which we never thought we'd say those two words together. You've just got to blindfold those having a go and choose your stick to hit with.

    Pin The Tail on the Mermaid

    mermaid party pin tail

    One for the younger ones, pin the tail on the mermaid, a simple game but can add a nice bit of fun to the day.

    Check Price on Amazon for Pin the Tail on the Mermaid


    Mermaid Themed Pool Party

    If you're having a pool party, why not add a few inflatables and even have some mermaid tails for the guests to all have a go of and really finish off the party with real mermaids.

    mermaid party swim monofin

    You can get an adjustable swim monofin to complete the mermaid pool party and anyone can have a go, it will add a lot of fun to the party and you can make real mermaids of those who come around to celebrate.

    A final suggestion for a pool party would be inflatables, if you don't already have them, there are loads of choices out there and your little mermaids could have some more underwater friends come and celebrate the big day as well.

    mermaid party inflatable dolphin

    An inflatable dolphin will really add to the whole theme and if its a little mermaid themed party, you could always get yourself a sebastian too. There are plenty of choices on Amazon for underwater themed pool party inflatables.

    A Mermaid Thankyou Parting Gift

    Last but not least, saying goodbye to everyone doesn't have to be that bad, even after all the fun which you didn't want to end. You can send them on their way with some lovely small gifts and all of it can be mermaid themed quite easily as well.

    Thank you cards on Amazon come in all shapes and sizes, and yes there are mermaid style cards which you can get for your guests that came to celebrate.

    If you want to say goodbye with a present, you can put some gifts in to a mermaid party bag, of which there are loads of choices on Amazon as well.

    mermaid party thank you bag


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