Christmas Inspired Mermaid Gifts & Decorations

    Submitted by Martin on Sat, 11/19/2016 - 23:18
    christmas mermaid inspiration

    The first thing they would do is make sure they knew exactly what they would be putting on top of their christmas tree, and we have just the thing. A mermaid christmas tree topper, this delightful item has mermaids in christmas attire which are ready to sit on top of your christmas tree and make your home that little bit more christmassy.

    mermaid christmas tree topper


    After you have decorated the tree, you may want to put some presents under it for yourself or for family and friends, we have some amazing mermaid inspired christmas presents for you and the family.

    A Mermaid Colouring Book

    When winter sets in, which is usually in full swing by the time christmas arrives in the UK, you may want to spend more time indoors by the fire, what better way to do this, than with a mermaid colouring book.

    mermaid colouring book

    Look Like A Mermaid

    Fancy looking like a mermaid, as well as a tale, nothing can compare to an ocean going, sea inspired hair style. With this wig, you can look exactly like a mermaid.

    mermaid wig hair

    Where To Keep All Your Mermaid Belongings?

    On a day out and need something to keep all your ocean inspired belongings in, we can't recommend this bag enough. It's one of the prettiest and cutest mermaid inspired bags we have seen and it has great reviews too.

    mermaid hand bag

    Be A Mermaid

    There is no other way to say this than, the only way to be a mermaid is to don a mermaid tail and swim just like a mermaid. That is only possible with a tail and something that you can wear in the water. This tail has some amazing reviews and you can fit in to this in your local pool or ocean and swim exactly like a mermaid.

    mermaid swim tail monofin

    It comes with a mono fin which sits inside the tail, so you can attach it to your feet and then put the tail on over your legs, enabling you to swim and be a mermaid, it doesn't get better than this.

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