Learn How To Be A Mermaid With A Mermaid Course

    Submitted by Martin on Tue, 11/08/2016 - 13:19
    learn to be a mermaid on a mermaid course

    So you want to be a mermaid? Well today you can, in many different ways, pretty much anywhere around the world. The definitive way though to check that mermaid bucket list item off is to do a course or take some lessons in mermaiding.

    "What!? I can do a mermaid course!?"

    Yes, you can, you may find that you can be a mermaid for the day or a weekend somewhere near you too. Just search for 'mermaid course (my location)'  and see what comes up.

    Here in the UK there are a couple of places you can learn to be a mermaid for the day, swim with the fish in the open sea and practice your technique in the pool.

    In the south of England, in Cornwall you can take mermaid lessons with FreediveUK and Ian Donald http://freediveuk.com/mermaid-courses-uk/

    You'll learn quite a few things when taking a course, such as;

    • How to fin like a mermaid underwater
    • How to turn around in the deep end of a pool or open water so you can swim in different directions
    • How to relax and open your eyes underwater, just like a mermaid
    • Safety aspects of being a mermaid and swimming with other mermaids and mermen

    There Aren't Any Mermaid Courses Nearby

    Well you can still do something about it, there is snorkelling and freediving which is closely related to mermaiding and you can learn some great things with both of these sports.

    If you would like to look in to freediving, you can do it with a number of freediving agencies, PADI, AIDA, SSI, PFI, Apnea Academy, to name a few.

    You can find out your nearest freediving courses and instructors at Freedive Earth.


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