Review of Mermaid Wish These were Fins Sneakers

    This is a review of the Mermaid Wish These were Fins Sneakers

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    These Mermaid Wish These were Fins Sneakers are made by the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company. Using Michigan artists and printers the sneakers feature a beautiful design made by a skilled illustrator before being printed in Ann Arbor. The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company has developed over the years from a start up project to a successful worldwide apparel bussiness.

    This particular design features mermaid scales of a dark blue outlined in a light blue. The sneakers feature a handwritten message of " I wish these were fins". Making them perfect for the mermaid that is stuck on land for a while or the inner mermaid needing her style on her footwear. Amongst the mermaid scales you also see the odd orange scallop shell and to the front and rear of the design you'll see scallop shells, a starfish and a fish lurking just like underwater.


    Mermaid Wish These were Fins Sneakers


    These sneakers are created with a classic heavy cotton canvas to the upper of the shoe with a vulcanized rubber sole. The sneakers are clearly made from responsible and well made materials. With its classic sneaker design, with its canvas top cap, white laces, white trim and metal grommeted lace loops, these are mermaid FASHIONABLE.


    Mermaid Wish These were Fins Sneakers



    These shoes are unisex providing quite the classic shape and fit. For someone people they may feel to narrow or too small, but I would say this would be the case if you have difficulty normally finding sneakers to fit.


    Mermaid Wish These were Fins Sneakers

    These sneakers are fun, punchy and full of mermaid charm, they aren't too girly which a lot of mermaid footwear and products can be. Intially like many shoes, they are a little stiff to begin with but once you've worn them in they will feel mighty comfortable and you will be suprised by all the delightful compliments you will get about these sneakers.  

    • Wonderful unique design
    • Mermaizing
    • Unisex
    • Not to girly which is hard to find for mermaid products
    • Classic sneaker make up
    • Comfortable
    • Affordable
    • May not be girly enough?
    • Make sure to get the correct size

    These sneakers are fantastic, comfortable, well made yet surprisingly affordable. A mermaid really would want her fins to look like these.