Review of Nuby Turtle Bath Thermometer and Clock

    This is a review of the Nuby Turtle Bath Thermometer and Clock, a very practical digital baby bath time thermometer with multiple features and an audible alarm for hot and cold water.

    Technical Details
    Colours Available
    Machine washable
    Next Day Delivery - Prime Available?
    Speaker (Plug In Phone)
    Chidrens room
    4.5 x 13 x 17 cm
    CE Approved
    Battery Powered
    USB Powered
    Plug In
    Auto On
    Dark Sensor

    This little turtle is known as the Nuby 3 in 1 Bath Time Thermometer, Clock and Timer.  With a large LCD screen on the front that provides not only the temperature reading but a timer and a digital clock makes it a handy tool for parents as well as a bath time toy for children.

    Nuby Turtle Bath Thermometer and Clock

    The timer function and the clock are a helpful addition to keeping an extra eye on how long your baby has been in the bath. The little Nuby turtle floats in the bath amongst the bath time bubbles.

    The thermometer is activated as soon as it touches water which makes this an only bath time temperature monitor. It is straight forward enough to change between Fahrenheit and Celcius, just press the "min" and "sec" buttons at the same time.

    The Nuby turtle has a heat safety feature for hot and cold, if the water is too cold a light will flash green, if the water is too hot you will see a red flashing light and an alarm will start to sound.

    Nuby Turtle Bath Thermometer and Clock

    At the same time the thermometer is activated on sense of water so is the timer, allowing you to make sure your baby is not having too long a bath.

    A timer will also sound once the timer has expired at five minutes. To set the clock simply requires you to hold the set button until the hours start blinking and then use the + or - symbol to set the time.

    You do feel a sense of security knowing if you are having too much fun playing with your child during bath time the little turtle will alarm you if it gets to hot or if your getting over the bath time limit.

    Although it is a fantastic feature that the device only starts working in the water, saving battery once you remove from the water, if you remove the turtle half way through or a number of times out of the water during bath time, the turtle is going to reset each time making the timer irrelevant.


    • Easy to use
    • Fun design
    • Floats
    • Tells the time
    • Has a automatic timer
    • BPA-free
    • Automatic switch on and off with contact with water
    • LED hot cold warning
    • Alarm sounds when too hot or timer exceeded
    • Next day delivery on Amazon Prime
    • Only works in water so no room temperature measures
    • May sound alarm when you don't want to hear it
    • If removed from the bath during bath time the timer will reset when put back in

    The Nuby turtle is specifically designed for bath times in mind, the turtle only works in the bath and when the turtle does it has not one but three main features of telling the time, a timer and temperature monitoring, helping take care of the important stuff so you can focus on having fun with your baby at bath time.